Thumb Grips for Tactile Tenacity


Lookin’ a bit cooler, no? Wish the thumb grips were a darker blue, but, you know, first world problems…

Got some new thumb grips for my PS4 controller — and they work like a charm.

I love the PS4 controller design — as I have loved Sony’s PlayStation controller evolution all the way back starting at the original grey one that didn’t even have analog sticks! — but my main gripe I’ve always had with the new PS4 controllers is that the analog sticks have a little less tactile friction for your thumbs to grip and move across. You’ll be holding it in its upward position as per the scenario of 99% of games to move your character up, and slowly your thumb slides upwards before coming off completely. Not *terrible* but also not the best design either.

If any tactile-passionate PS4 gamers are after a better PS4 controller experience, I highly recommend them. Got them in Tesco for ¬£3: pack of 2x pairs, conveniently a blue pair for my default player two blue controller (the one I use), and a black pair for the black controller for player two. They are from a company called ‘Gioteck’ — never heard of them, honestly, but we’ll see if their thumb grips keep their strength after a few crazy gaming sessions.

While, we’re on the subject of PlayStation controllers, here is a wonderful infographic. The bottom watermark states that it was either made, or is from¬†, but if it is, in fact, not there’s, and you know the artist, or are the artist, please contact me so I can credit you for it, as you’ve done a super-duper job:


~ Mike