Technical Introduction

So I thought I would have a little dabble into posting to this, not because I want to make it seem like I actively post all the time or that. *insert winking face here*

Anyway, Hi I’m Aaron the programmer. I’ve never really tried doing this whole blog posting thing but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll be keeping you all up to date with things that I’m programming, so imagine I use a genetic algorithm to create an enemy which will  get increasingly harder and harder and react to the way that you play, well you will hear about it first on this official blog – Hmmm, I’m giving myself ideas, I think I quite like this blog posting thing.

To make it seem like I have written more than I have, I shall tell you two truths and a lie about myself, see if you can guess which one is the lie:

  • I am a phenomenal chef.
  • I have been to university.
  • The first video game console I owned was a Gameboy Colour/Color (whatever, I’m from Scotland).

That Mansion

Now I’m going to attach an image above this text to test with our RSS feed to see if an image is displayed, thanks for playing nice and reading all the way through this most likely boring blog post about me.



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